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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One more day on the road to recovery.,.

Another night without posting. I hit the brick wall last night and was just not able to post. Sorry about that. I keep thinking that my stomach will wake up and be ok. But it is not to be this morning. Two days out from the hospital and still not where I want to be. And that is having some energy, eating and working. Breakfast of eggs was not to be today. Was told they were good! But I didn't see Lucille eating my share! I will go to the office today again for a few hours. Spent a couple of hours there yesterday and not sure what all was accomplished. The mind plays tricks with your brain (at least with me), so sometimes the thought process is not what I want. Being a person who has always been under control, this is a real new experience to me. Not one that I like, mind you!

Other than my stomach, my body does feel more energized this morning. The goal is not to push it to the point of no return. So will take it easy this morning, nap and work for awhile this afternoon. Maybe even enjoy the sun later this morning on the back porch.

I have been told repeatedly that what happens with one round of chemo does not necessarily happen the other rounds and I am realizing how true that is. But I am so much better than last time, just not what I want to be! But then, can't get everything you want sometimes.

I am expereincing the cold and numbness of my toes and fingers. Part of the chemo experience. And my head still has not acclimated to being bald. I am still wearing sock caps (courtesy of Emy and Nancy) most of the time. Guess it will have to be 90 degress outside for me to stop wearing them. While I look like a weirdo in public I value the warmth more. But then when I am at Allison Cancer Center, I just look like one of the group.

The days will get better and I will forget these feelings I have had the last couple of days. Actually, I won't but the good days will overshadow the bad. I am so far ahead in this game at this point that it would be great if there was a 10 run mercy rule.

I hope everyone has an awesome day. I plan on it with all my might. God Bless you. Steve


  1. Steve
    Hope your days start getting better and wish you a speedy recovery this time. Don't over do it at the office or any where else. Let your mind and body get the rest that it needs to recuperate. Things can and will wait for you to get better so don't worry about them.
    Tucker had flying shoes at the last scout meeting and it was very funny. He was trying to chase down his Mom as she was driving off and of course his shoes went flying since he nver ties them and they always seem to be way too big. Mr. Moore hid them in his truck bed and everyone had a great laugh about it. All of our prayers and wishes are with you everyday.


  2. Hi Steve,
    Oh yeah that's another thing about chemo..."chemo brain" the word is there... you can see the thing you want to say but it doesn't come out. You point at it...everyone looks at it and still the word will not come out. It's like you've lost your mind. It does get better but I can assure you that after 11 years I still have "chemo brain". After awhile you laugh about it but right now it isn't too funny. Especially when you are working and have to talk to people. Hang in there. Do not try to do everything all at once...your body needs to recover and needs rest. It will take time so be patient. And I'm sure that your bald head is beautiful...besides you're a guy...it's the women who look odd being bald. Still looking for that picture of me so you can have a good laugh!
    You and Lucille hug each other for the blessings God has given you which I know you do each day. Love, Christi