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Friday, April 17, 2009

Peas, porridge, hot

First day after having 5 teeth removed. Through lunch today I had to use cold packs (peas) to help with the swelling. Then I had to switch to hot (heating pad) to keep from getting dry sockets. Hence the pictures. Don't laugh too hard!!

I have felt pretty good all day. Was going to go camping until about 4:30 when my jaw started hurting. I realized that going was not to be even though I think I could have toughed it out. It is better to wait until stitches have a little more time to heal. If I feel good in the morning I may go down to BTSR (about 2 1/2hr away) for a few hours and then come back home. But the most important thing at this point is that I get healed before the final push. It was hard seeing the boys go off tonight but I know they will do a great job this weekend.

The best part of the day was after taking zinc for a couple of days that my taste buds have lost the metal taste and I am tasting all foods again. Not back to normal BUT tonight I had chocolate ice cream and it tasted like chocolate ice cream! And other foods have tasted good. It will certainly help in retaining weight.

I think I have done pretty well with my teeth as it has not been 36 hours since they were pulled. I was really anxious about the recovery time and other than the healing, the pain that I had heard about I have been able to tolerate. Through this afternoon the pain was pretty much not there. I have some tightness when I chew too much so have tried to stay with soft foods today. Maybe tomorrow night I can start working my way up to something more solid.

God has certainly listened to all the prayers that have been said as the pain that my boys and friends have told me has not materialized with me. So I have alot to be thankful for tonight knowing that God does indeed listen to prayers. Nite all..

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