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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Working on gettin well one day at a time

Evening folks. Today was one of ups and downs. Drank lots of water last night and got up feeling pretty good. Had biscuits and gravy and egg for breakfast. Had to go to work to get a job done. Things went well for a couple of hours, then I hit a wall. Finished the job with help and then proceeded to sleep for three hours this afternoon. My stomach started acting up around noon and has not let up since then. No lunch but a moderate supper. Have rested and cat napped all evening. I certainly won't have any trouble sleeping tonight.

Today is a day that tells me I am not ready for an all out activity whether work or play. I just feel worn out today. But tomorrow is another day in which I am one day further from chemo treatment so expect to feel better!

Got 2 broadbrim hats today from Lucille. I have needed some summer hats so it was a pleasant surprise. And Sarah bought me a sleeveless vest to wear on mornings that I feel cold. Which right now is most mornings.

As I get ready for bed, I thank God for another day of blessings. Friends came over, saw grandkids, people helping. What else can one ask for?

I would like to ask all of you for a special prayer for Mike Nance. He is having his second surgery on a tumor in his brain. He is a fabulous Christian man.

May your night be blessed and Sunday we all need to take time to thank God for all he has given each of us. And that he will continue to provide for us each day! Sometimes we can feel that he is not there, but in reality he is carrying us. Faith is all about trusting in him and turning our problems over to him. Thank you God for being here in our mist. Nite all

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