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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not the day I had hoped for, but...

Got up and then crashed back into bed. Woke up at 8am and realized I was late for the chiropractor. So got dressed in my 10 minutes and was there be 8:15am. An advantage of no hair and no shaving and being a couple minutes from the doctor. He made an adjustment and have felt better today. Another treatment and hopefully I will be doing good again.

Then to the dentist. Still having some pain but he said I would be ok in a couple of weeks. Then I told him again that radiation started next Wednesday and he said that I should wait at least another week. Needless to say I was not to happy about that, but will let the radiation doctor make that call. My main concern is getting rid of the sinus problem I have right now by next Wednesday. All my efforts have been toward April 29. But right now the only thing that I can control is getting well by next week.

Came home for lunch and fell asleep for 3 hours. A strong wind woke me up even then. It rained all around us but not in Midland. Went to work and as usual clients started coming in when they saw my truck parked out front. So stayed there until about 6:30 and went to Sarah's to eat supper.

So the result of the day is I am still pretty tired. Hopefully will get another good nights sleep and wake up tomorrow with renewed energy and goals. This week has not been what I wanted in the way of increased energy and weight gain but have to keep a positive attitude that everything will work out. I am now at 157 pounds. hmmmmm Maybe I am trying to control this instead of letting God handle this ? So will give my troubles to him tonight and start afresh tomorrow.

Had several cards from wonderful people tonight. The cards, emails, calls have been truly inspirational in this time. And I know God will bless each of you in his own time. Nite all..

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