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Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a great Sunday morning...and blessed afternoon

Today will be a two part blog posting. It is mid afternoon and will post on this one again later tonight.

Slept well last night. Got up at 8am (dog time). Decided that I would eat and sleep today to allow myself to get rested. Tomorrow should be the week in which I really start to feel good and able to get alot accomplished.

I have gained 2 pounds the last of this week, even feeling as I do. So to get the weight I need before radiation starts seems like it will become a reality. I know most of us do not want to gain weight but I as know I will probably lose it again during radiation.

If my Boy Scouts could see me now in pants. If not for my belt, I would have saggy pants. I have no butt whatsoever! And at some point in the future, I may wish for that no butt again. Nooooo, that won't happen around this house! Just ask Lucille!

So hope all of you are having a great Sunday. Joy brought over some banana nut bread fresh from her oven. And it is quite tasty. Get to go to my granddaughter's birthday party this afternoon. She is turning one. Later gang.

And good evening to all. I slept and ate and played with Hannah and her brothers at birthday party. Am feeling pretty good this evening. Had pizza for supper. Have figured out today at least, that if I keep food from the middle of my tongue my taste buds are pretty good. My fluid intake is good as is my eating. Like I said last night. Each day starts anew and this day has been a great one. While I stayed home and rested, it is allowing my body to heal itself and to get ready for a full week of work.

I know that much of my optimism is from the comments, cards, phone calls, visits, gifts and especially prayers. It is with this support that I go to bed each night knowing that tomorrow will present new challenges and new opportunities. It is with God's help that we meet these challenges and opportunities. May God Bless each of you for the new week ahead. I know that with God walking beside me that I will make the most of this week. Have a great week all.

PS. will be shaving my 5 whiskers tonight for the first time in 2 weeks!!!

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