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Monday, April 6, 2009

Too long of a day..

Well, so much for taking it easy today. Got to office around 8:30 and left around 9pm. Have felt pretty good all day! While food does not taste great it is tolerable. So am eating more. In fact, had home cooked fried chicken tonight. Makes me wonder how the Kennady family stays so slim!

While I know that I have a stomach, it is much better. Only thing I have to improve on is liquid intake. And that is something I will be working on hard this week. And hopefully, my taste buds will get a little better with each passing day.

But I expect to feel better each day this week but will take a nap tomorrow like I should have today. But work calls and folks visit so it has been hard today to get all that I wanted to get done. But tomorrow starts another day with more opportunities.

With all the support, whether cards, food, visits, emails, I constantly realize that life is about helping others unselfishly. About slowing down. About realizing that life's ebb and flow are not what make life great, it is all about the family and friends that we touch whether we realize we are making an impact or not. And sometimes those impacts are such that we don't even realize we are affecting others.

I will not have trouble sleeping tonight. And will slow down some tomorrow so I can make the week. Have done this before and the brick wall comes very suddenly and without warning. The body has a way of making sure you do not go to overload. That being said, my body is telling me I had better get my shower and get to bed. So God Bless each of you this day and may he continue to Bless all of us as we go through this walk of life. Nite all...

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