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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another pretty and uplifting day

Slept in until about 7:45 this morning. A little stiff in my back but after moving around, the stiffness went away. I still have to take it easy and not doing any moderate lifting. But think that the back issue will be gone by the weekend.

Lucille is out of town and she has left instructions all over town to make sure I am eating, taking my drugs and drinking water. And here I thought I would be free from that. Yea right!!!! Not. She knows me well so she is just making sure I do what I'm suppose to do.

Worked pretty hard at office today but still not where I want to be. Tomorrow should be a good day for accomplishments.

I am tired this evening. Maybe even a little fever. So will be going to bed as soon as this is posted so I can get some rest. Of course, going to bed is right after I take my midnight drugs. I have put my business in God's hands to help me get thru the next six weeks.

Juan Helms paid a surprise visit to me today. It was great to see and talk to her. Her son, Cory is an Eagle Scout in the Troop. He goes to the University of Texas. I try not to hold that against him! And I had a luminrio put in my name last Friday at the Cancer Walk. I was touched by what people are doing for me. I can never pay them back and they don;t expect to be. That's what Christianity is all about. Helping other without payback. God will reward us later.

Went to Scouts tonight and got a great report about their campout this last weekend. I would not have expected anything less. People talk about young people today and when I look at what these 11 - 18 year olds accomplish, I know we are in good hands.

Hope everyone had a great day and a better night. God Bless each of you this Tuesday. Nite all

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  1. Still reading. Still praying. My mother-in-love fighting the crummy 'c', too. Just had surgery to remove tumor . . . Four months left of chemo, then another surgery. Sarah keeps me posted . . . She's a tough cookie, that gal!