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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last good day?

Well, it is the night before the big push. Although I half way expect it to be postponed to next week due to the healing or lack thereof to my teeth.

Today was a good day overall. I have been a good boy and slept til 9am and took a mini-nap at noon. And went home at 6pm. I ate pretty good today and even ate ice cream, although I did not like it much! I got some tax work done today and plan on continuing that tomorrow until around 2 pm and then it is to the doctors for the rest of the day. I visited with a mom of one of the Troop's boys today for a little while. It is amazing how cancer affects just about everyone in one way or another. Lots of different stories! And non of them the same!

The best for me is to have this chemo have a small effect on me and the radiation not to effect me at all or at least until the final week! Worst case is spending a few days in the hospital every week until this is done. So I am hoping that all the drugs the doctor will give me along with the other home remedies and health medicines I am on will help me through these six weeks in reasonable shape. I know I will have problems, but working on maintaining a positive attitude and working through the problems, such as eating and drinking!

So please say a little prayer for me tonight and tomorrow that I will have minimal side effect of this chemo/radiation treatment, and as Lucille's friend Margie points out that the radiation will kill only the cells it's targeted for. Different people have pointed Lucille and me toward different medicines and maybe a combination of them will work for me!

I am reading a book on 10 prayers that God will always answer. In the next couple of days I will show everyone the shirt I am making as a result of reading this book. The book is on loan from Teresa Sewell.

Had Scouts tonight and have a about 15 boys going on the camp out this weekend to Breckenridge Texas for an MD Anderson Cancer Benefit called Polo on the Prairie. The Troop has done this activity since about 1997 and continue to help MD Anderson in this activity.

So today could be my last good day for awhile or it may be just another day for the next six weeks. Who knows, only time will tell. I thank you for your continued support. It makes what I am going through much easier. Nite all.....

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