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Monday, November 30, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hope all had a good Thanksgiving! I know I did. Worked hard but enjoyed the friendship and help in putting up a new fence. If not for Jim, Rene, Adam, Sarah and her family and Lucille, I would still be working on it. But it is finished as is the Snow Village.
I still have tingly fingers and feet (especially feet). The fourth bone chip has finally come out and my jaw is still trying to heal itself. Still have a dry mouth at times. Still get real cold. Weighed this morning and now weigh 133 pounds. We'll see if it stays on! Am still having to drink alot of water at meals altough I think it is getting better. Had my eyes checked and they do not seem to have lost much sight with all the chemo and radiation. Can't say that about hearing so I get to use selective hearing!
With the possibility of snow tonight and tomorrow, the outdoor lights may have to wait a couple of days. But plan on really enjoying Christmas this year! I always do but this year will be more special! God has blessed me and my family this year in ways we did not ever think about. It makes me much more in tune with living each day. I don't think I will ever take any day for granted anymore. I hope everyone has a great day..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, got through the weekend campout ok. Was nice to camp with the boys and see them shoot their guns. Worked on getting a project finished for Thanksgiving yesterday afternoon so am a little tired today. Still shows my energy level not where I want it. And then have to get the snow village put up, so lots of activity to do this week!

I got cold working last night and my tingling fingers and feet really paid the price. Doing much better today. Will have to watch that in the future. Did not think about the cold affecting my hands and feet. My jaw is still hurting as the bone chip is not coming out yet! Hopefully it will come out this week!

Lots to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family and friends who have continued to support me this fall. I'm thankful for all those who have continued to pray for me as I continue on the road to recovery. I'm thankful for the military for the unselfishness they give to this country. I'm thankful to being able to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends this week.

We have so much to be thankful for due to what God has given us. And praying that he will continue to bless this nation! I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something to be thankful for

It has been 10 days since my last post. I can't say much has changed overall. I still weigh about 130 pounds. I have another bone chip trying to come out in my jaw. I still drink my meals, although it is getting better. Or maybe my care givers are getting better at making meals more watery! I still have a bald head and I wear a beanie or hat most of the time. My ears hurt because of my jaw and I have aggravated a nerve in my back again!

But before you think I am feeling sorry for myself , DON'T. Things could be alot worse. I get up every day. I am even getting close to getting up with Lucille every morning. Have not done that in a long time. My energy level is improving, I am slowly getting my office back into shape. I am able to camp with my Troop. I get to enjoy my grandkids and my children on a regular basis. I am eating better, although my taste buds are not back to where I would like them. My friends have continued to pray for me and my recovery and to give me words of encouragement.

I am glad to be able to witness to others. I am glad to be able to console Walker as he tries to fight another infection. I am glad to be able to enjoy my family and my friends. I am glad that I am able to work. I am glad I am able to finish some of my home projects at last. I am glad to see the sun come up and go down each day. I am glad to be able to enjoy the fall colors.

And all of this came about because of the prayer and support from you and God. I am still here for a reason and each day I try to do something to let God know it was a good decision.

Christmas is just around the corner. I am trying to put some finishing touches around the house as we get ready for Thanksgiving. I am building an outdoor fire pit for our guests next week. Pictures will be forthcoming. I have started putting up the Snow Village. It is a several day affair. Pictures will be forthcoming on that also. I am excited about this Christmas season. Excited about be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Able to praise God for sending his Son to this earth. I plan on smelling alot of roses this next month!

And yes, I will be saying Merry Christmas to all. Happy Thanksgiving all. Be sure to say a prayer for all our service men and women who are not with their families during this time of year. We owe alot to them!

Later gang!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A good weekend

Good Monday morning to all..

Well Lucille and I spent a relaxing weekend at our dear friends, the McFarlands. We chopped down a tree for firewood, ate, rode motorcycles, fixed a picnic table, rode motorcycles and ate and had a campfire. It was a good weekend!

Did not drink enough water so am having more dry mouth than normal. Will work to get that fixed this week. Have not gained weight but have not lost any either! After this weekend, I found out that my strength is not where I would like it to be. But that too will be fixed some time in the future. Will continue to be active. Only way I know how to get my energy and strength back.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

small steps

Another week of small steps. Taste buds are better. Had a Milky Way candy bar but the real good stuff is maple nuts. Eating like there is no tomorrow but still cannot gain weight. A doctor said it will be a long time, if at all. So guess I will get pants for Christmas!

My voice is still raspy. I am about used to it. I sing deeper now. Still have tingling in my feet and hands. I can rub my head and my feet tingle. Still on blood thinner but have to be as long as my port is in. You can see exactly where the tubing runs on my chest!

My next CT scan Dec 10. I expect nothing to show up but will have these for the two plus years. I can sleep at the drop of being quiet. Need more sleep these days. And when I work alot I pay for it for a day or so. But have to keep pushing to get my strength and energy back.

Working out some, not enough though. But I am getting a little stronger each day. Work is keeping me busy at the office, especially this time of year, and that is good! Did not lose too many tax clients this year.

I am blessed through the support of all of ya'll. I am here for a reason and will let God guide me. I do admit it is hard! But trust we must with God!

I do hope everyone has a great week ahead. I know I will!