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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad days, good days!!

Today is what Lucille and I consider a great normal day. We are enjoying the normal days - that is to mean that life is as normal as this cancer will allow. The only thing that today has not been normal is there is nothing that tastes good today. From dill pickles to hot dogs to hot links. Lucille just brought me some Babybel cheese and it masks the middle of my tongue so I can taste the cheese. So maybe this cheese will allow me to eat foods that my tongue doesn't like for awhile!

The one thing we have learned is that in order to get to the good days, the bad days have to be endured. And while these days are not fun or normal, they are necessary to the healing process of chemo and radiation. And so to this end, we endure the bad days so that we can truly enjoy the good days we are having now. We know there will be more bad days to follow over the next ten weeks but the end result is alot of good days. So we are enjoying the good days over the next 10 days (with the exception of the teeth extraction) and lead as normal a life as we can.

I went to a Boy Scout Philmont meeting tonight and it just gave me the I WANT TO GO. And at this point it is all dependent on how I react to the combo chemo/radiation treatment. And that is to keep my weight up and energy level up and strength up.

I got an crystal armadillo statue gift today from some friends. It reminded me about how God wraps his arms around us to protect us as we go through life. It made me think that without God this whole process would be pretty much unbearable. But the good news is that God is here wrapping his arms around me and my family as we go through the process and he has wrapped his arms around you as you support me in this ordeal. May he continue to protect us and more importantly is that we have the faith to let him protect us!

So eveyone have a great night. I plan on it. Nite gang...

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  1. I'll be praying you are well and rearing to go to Philmont!