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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today has been a productive day. Slept in this morning and then worked at office all day. Felt like I got some work accomplished. No chemo brain today! Not much to eat until tonight and had three plates of King Ranch Chicken from the Kennadys'. It was really delicious.

I feel my energy coming back, and even though I am tired this evening it is a work tired. I am tired physically but a good nights sleep will take care of this tiredness. I am working hard but will be ready for the final push.

Had half an inch of rain late this afternoon along with a hail storm. Here at the house we had lime sized hail. I will put a picture up tomorrow for it. It will be interesting to see how the roof handled it. Lost my phone in the rain and it is now in rice drying out. All my contacts and appointment schedules are on the phone. But hopefully it will work in the morning. The rice is supposed to suck out the moisture in the phone.

Salty foods are not particularly tasty at this point. Chocolate and ice cream are still not to the point that I want to eat them, especially on a regular basis. Cookies and sweets are just not in the cards. I try them but so far no go. Lucille made a spinach salad tonight and it was good. Fresh fruit is good and will have some as desert before bed tonight.

Evidently I am liking some food as I now weigh 155 pounds. I am shooting for 160 pounds before the final chemo/radiation starts. But at the rate I am gaining right now, I might make 165 pounds. That was my weight before all this started.

It's hard to imagine that a week ago, I was feeling really sick all the time. And that I will be feeling that way again in a couple of weeks. And then there is the 3-4 days of teeth extraction. But going to enjoy feeling good, getting more energy, eating and actually tasting the food for the next 4 days. And then having another week to continue getting ready for the final push.

God has blessed us with some rain today and maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow is Easter and going to celebrate Christ resurrection. Then going to watch my grandkids go on an Easter egg hunt. We are truly blessed here. And your prayers and support have greatly helped me. As we celebrate Easter let us remember what God did for us. I have heard that the commercialization of Easter has pretty much fallen on its face. I think that is a tribute to Christians to really keep Easter in its proper perspective. Thanks be to God and may He bless all of us not only tomorrow but every day we walk this earth. Nite all...

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