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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New look

Enjoy the new look! Cool huh!?!?!

Good evening all. Hope everyone had a great day! Myself, I got up, fixed breakfast and then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Was just too tired to get up and go to work. But felt ok when I got up around 9:45. Got dressed and went to get my new sunglasses. Total wrap around and designed to keep all the sunlight out. Doctors told me I had to have while I was in radiation. After wearing them today, I wonder why I didn't get them along time ago. Total biker glasses. All I need now is a motorcycle!!

Worked until about 6:30 and came to home to take it easy. Have relaxed and will go to bed early as tomorrow is a long day with lots to do. No Friday off this year. Had chicken enchiladas for supper and they were delicious. I have felt a little tired this day but got alot accomplished so feel satisfied about day. I will not have any trouble sleeping. My body has felt good other than that. Stomach is doing good this day. Even my taste buds seem to be coming back somewhat. Still have the metal taste but not as bad as the last few days. Even ate a piece of chocolate and it was tolerable. Not great, but tolerable.

Had visitors today and enjoyed visiting with them and received lots of encouragement. God seems to provide people at the right times.

As we enter Easter lets us not forget that tomorrow starts the reason we can be forgiven. How many of us would sacrifice our sons? May God continue to bless each of you. He has provided me with support that I could never imagine and that is each of you. If you going out of town or traveling may God protect you this blessed weekend. Nite all.....


  1. You must have been exhausted to sleep so long! That's my kind of sleeping. Take it easy and stay well rested so you heal.