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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teeth begone..

Good evening all..

Well got to dentist at 8:25am and arrived at home at 11:45. I now have 5 fewer teeth in my mouth. That means 5 fewer teeth to brush and floss. The doctor gave me my teeth. I guess so I knew he took them out (like I can't feel it) but more importantly to let me see the teeth he took out. I look like a chipmunk and my ice packs were 2 bags of frozen peas with a yellow ribbon keeping them on my head! The worst pain I have felt today was late this afternoon when I was suppose to have a smoothie. One sip and the cold dealt me major pain to the incisions. So have kept all liquids either slightly warm or room temperature. At this point my pain is under control and feel pretty good. It is much better than the upset stomach with chemo. So hoping tomorrow will be a good day and can start eating light foods! One funny thing is that it is hard to drink.There is an air gap where my teeth were so have to relearn how to drink. You don't realize how important a part of drinking is. I can whistle through my backless teeth.

So now I have about 10 days to recover from this, gain a few more pounds before the big push. But that is in ten days. I plan on having fun the next ten days - just trying to lead a normal life. Heck, I may go to BTSR Saturday for a few hours. But then may just rest around here so I can have a good week at work next week.

When you trust your life with God, good things happen. The teeth had to be pulled, but as of this second the pain could be alot worse. And I think that God has answered your and my prayers for a smooth recovery in this speed bump. And I truly from the bottom of my heart thank each of you for your prayers.

If I still have a chipmunk face in the morning, I will get a funny picture up for ya'll. If you saw my face you would think I weighed about 300 pounds! But only at 157 right now.

Have a great night . Hopefully we'll get the rain without the hail tonight. Nite all...

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  1. Yo dude,

    I love the new biker look! Bald head and cool glasses...didn't you look like that once before? Oh, yeah you had hair then...forgot...chemo brain here too LOL. So sorry to hear you had to have so many teeth pulled. Not fun I know...just be careful not to get dry sockets...that's even worse. Warm and room temp fluids are the best for sure and no straws. It's been gloomy and cloudy here all day...there was snow in the heights but not here in the valley...I don't think we even got rain. I'm so ready for spring...NM cannot make up it's mind when it comes to spring. I went out to AZ over Easter weekend to see my boys, go to a sorority sister's daughter's wedding and came home with radiation pneumonitis, sinus infection and pneumonia...needless to say I feel like crap and am coughing but not bringing anything up yet. After chemo your immune system is still compromised so any illness seems to be worse than it was the last time you had it. The radiation thing I'll have forever so be sure to ask the radiation oncologist what side effects you'll have. I have a tendency to cough a lot whenever I'm talking way too much, laughing a lot, or in humid weather. Just part of the process. It appears that you're planning to go to Philmont...I hope that you'll be able to fulfill that dream after all this cancer thing. I'll be in DC attending the Komen National Lobby Day..lobbying for increased funding on not only breast cancer but all cancers. Voices get heard ya know.

    I hope you had a great Easter, sounds like you did. While I didn't go to church I got to spend time with my boys which was a true treasure for me. God is watching over all of us. Stay strong,

    Love, Christi