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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food doesn't taste good but feeling better

Today is Saturday, I think. Slept til about 8:30 and then got up because my back started hurting. Thought I would eat cereal for breakfast and that lasted one bite so Lucille made me eggs and sausage. I have a taste in the middle of my tongue, not metallic but something that makes anything close to sweet not taste good, so am back into anything hot for the moment. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Had some dutch chocolate ice cream tonight and it did not even taste good! But Joy and Frank brought by some chili rellanoes filled with eggs and it was hot enough to taste good.

Spent all afternoon working on a new Troop cook wagon. Hopefully, tomorrow we will finish the main part and all we will lack is the painting. Did not eat enough at lunch and really got tired at the end of the day but it has been a relaxing evening. And hopefully tonight I will get another good nights sleep.

My teeth seem to be healing better. Almost all the stitches have dissolved so maybe the healing will be enough to start the final round on April 29. But I have been preparing myself that it maybe another week before I start. It is up to the doctor and out of my hands.

Energy, strength and endurance are the two most things I miss most. No, food is not in that list. I eat because I have to not because I want to. And besides the sick feeling during this cancer treatment, I have pushed myself because of what I have always been able to do with energy, strength and endurance and I have paid the price at times. You try to do something and realize you can't lift it or you don't have the energy or endurance to finish something. It is the one thing when this is over that I will try to get back quickly. The eating will come as my tongue cooperates.

So overall, today has been good. I am tired but helped get some stuff accomplished and felt part of the team. And as always God sent a blessing this evening to just say, I am watching you! So hope all of you had as good a day as I did and that God blessed you in some way today. Nite all..

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