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Friday, September 25, 2009

Recovery just takes a long time

It has been a long week. Have been able to work longer hours but little nagging hurts keeps me from feeling great.

Went to the dentist yesterday to see about the loose bone chip in my jaw. Still tightly fixed into my jaw but the bone is exposed as my body is trying get rid of it. Dentist does not want to cut it out as the jaw is too fragile due to radiation. So some days it feels ok and other days, like today, feels really bad. When I chew too much, the pain gets to be too much. But I just take an extra 30 minutes to eat!

I guess I am under some stress as I have a pinched nerve in my back. Thought I had gotten rid of it but it is back today. Trying to work it out.

Not eating enough to gain necessay weight. But do not feel bad at this point. I just have to keep on eating. The worst thing about not gaining any weight is how cold I always am. It may be a cold winter. But it could be worse, so I just wear extra clothes and get on with life.

My taste buds are slowly coming back. I can tolerate some sweets (along with alot of water), but not to the point that I am eating alot of sweets.

Life is alot of ups and downs. I thank God for walking with me and carrying me when I cannot walk by myself. I could be alot worse. When I feel too sorry for myself, I just go to Allision Cancer Center and as I look around the room, I see folks in worse shape than me. So I count my blesssings and continue on living. Am going to work on another honey do this weekend. Hope all of you have a great weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another week in recovery

So much for posting during the week. Have been working hard all week and still have two days until I can relax for a few days.

Went to the dentist and there is still a loose piece of bone trying to work its way out. It is slow coming out but it is coming. Hopefully this week it will fester enough to get it out. Then another minor setback will be gone. Still recovering from a throat infection. Will go back to the doctor later this week to get it checked out again.

Am eating more but not enough at this point. But will continue to eat to try and gain some weight. I don't feel bad and my energy level is picking up. And I am finally wearing clothes that actually fit so don't look too bad. If I am feeling sorry for myself, I just walk into Allison Cancer Center and immediately realize that I am doing well! But considering that, the Lord has carried me the last couple of weeks. My feet are back on the ground and am walking side by side with him again.

Life has its ups and downs. As I tell people, we have to deal with it regardless of what we are going through. It is how we deal with the downs that tells us about how deep our faith is. I know that my faith has gotten deeper these last 9 months. And I certainly hope each of you has deepen your faith. I have prayed for each of you as I know that the power of prayer is some strong medicine! The witness we give others whether we get credit or not is what we are commissioned to do. Just living life day to day is a witness to others. We do not have to interact with others to witness. May God continue to bless each of you for your support. I have about 16 more months according to the doctors before I am out of the woods but I am optimistic that it I will be cancer free. Have a great week all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

It's been a week since I last posted and for that I am sorry. I guess I have late chemo brain as I thought I posted late last week. It has been a pretty good week although my lower left jaw has been giving me some trouble. Work has been very steady with alot of work to do and not enough energy to get it all done.

It has been a busy week with work, Scouts, grandkids, and doing one of my honey do's and a football game on Friday evening. Work has been very busy. Just have not been able to keep up the energy level. It is getting better but not where I want it. This next week will be very busy trying to meet a tax deadline. My two grandsons start pre-school this week so went to see them off and then took Hannah (along with her mom, Sarah) to get her first haircut. Hannah sat in my lap the whole time she got her haircut. When she says "Pops", it is hard to refuse her! Harrison had a birthday this week. It seems this last month has been one continous birthday day for the two boys. I did catch any infection from Hannah so I am on additional drugs to take care of a sore throat.

Adam came home this weekend and helped (or should I say I helped him) to lay a wood floor in the living room. The only thing left is to put up the trim and this will be a major project done. Still have the hall and the study to do sometime this fall. It really looks good.

My jaw is still giving me some pain. I have pulled two pieces of loose bone and I think there is one piece remaining. It hurts to chew alot and to drink cool liquids. I go to the dentist tomorrow afternoon to check the status of the other piece. Hopefully it will do alot of healing this week.

My facial hair is finally coming back. I still do not have any hair under my chin. I am still shaving my head twice a week. It just makes getting ready for work faster. However, I still get cold easily so may change my mind as the weather gets cooler. I was cold Friday night at the ball game and wished I had gloves and a heavier jacker. I will be alot more prepared for the next game.

I have gained another pound this weekend and now weight 136. It is certainly better than loosing weight at this point. Am able to eat better although I still have to drink alot of water during the meal.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. I did not rest as much as I probably should have but enjoyed been away from work. And enjoying the company of Lucille, Adam and Sarah and Paul and the grandkids. May God continue to bless all of us as we enter this fall season. I don't think I have time to slow down for the roses but I will make time to slow done and smell that rose. Be sure you slow down and smell that rose too. I will try and make sure I post more frequently. See ya.....