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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whose in charge here?

Well, I think today is Thursday. Yesterday was another day of upset stomach, running into walls, and sleeping as much as I could. My brain is not up to its standards and that is frustrating but have been told to be patient. Lucille bought the store home last night trying to find something I would eat. A bite here and a bite there was it. But today is another day and will try it again. At this moment I feel pretty good but am headed back for bed a awhile when I finish posting.

I think back on the last treatment and realize that at this time I was still in hospital and did not really get with life until the next week. But I will try to do some work today and tomorrow and hope that next week does the same in energy levels. I will nap more often and talk less. Just concentrate on getting necessary work done.

I know each day will get better, but ready for it to be here all at once. But that doesn't happen so will continue to make small steps toward that direction. Get to go to the chemo doctor tomorrow for blood work and scheduling of the next round of chemo along with radiation. Oh and then there is the teeth extraction. Anyone want to trade places? I am a poor patient and I know that is frustrating to Lucille and my family. But I expect to get better and better as the days so by. So hopefully they can become a little more relaxed. I really feel for them, especially since I can't seem to get my act together.

God is truly in charge here. All I have to do is listen and pay attention. But then don't we all need to be listening to him more? Later Gang

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  1. I was just telling someone today how easy it is to talk to God, but seems oh so much harder to hear what he is saying.

    Love ya, everyday i look forward to reading your post and being inspired.