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Friday, April 23, 2010

Test results

I had my 9 month check up yesterday. The resuts were clear and I am now being moved to a six month check up already. My only problem is weight and a low white cell count. So my immune system is low. That explains why I am catching anything I am coming in contact with.

I have hair again althought I am keeping it short, especially on the top. Still get cold and still have tingley feet and no taste to speak of. But the implications could be alot worse so not complaining about it.

Biggest mental problem I have is that everytime I get sick or have an earache, I get worried about cancer rising up again. Will continue to go to doctor when I am sick and can't shake it. Weight is 135 pounds again. I get to this and then proceed to lose to 130. But again, it could be worse. So many are worse off than I am and I thank God for that and for you. My prayers include all of you each day as I continue this walk.

Still not into sweets. And like hot stuff and losts of liquid. Today is a day of salt. It justs depends on day to day. Am glad warm weather is here so I won't be so cold.

I have a Boy Scout do an Eagle project at the Midland Hope House. It is exciting to see that cancer patients will have benches to sit on and to admire the American Flag while staying at the new Hope House. Anything to help cancer patients relax a little in going through their treatments.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am trying to catch up on home repairs that I did not do last year. Not sure why!!! ( you should be laughing).

Later all.....