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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another great day....

Good evening all - Just got home from Scouts. Lined out boys going to Philmont and the adults discussed the new chuck wagon layout. So a productive evening. Boys have a camp out this weekend at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch so trying to get everything done before Thursday morning.

Tomorrow is April 15 so have alot of tax extensions to do. And I hope to do alot of those extensions next week after teeth extraction and before chemo/radiation starts. Making plans and goals or nothing will get done! Today was getting a couple of returns done and visiting with clients. Tomorrow will be visiting with clients and getting a couple of print jobs done.

Nothing has tasted good this day so did not eat alot until supper. Lucille fixed spinach and salmon patties. The spinach had enough of a bite to mask my tongue so supper was good. If only eating as much spinach would have the same reaction as Popeye! My bedtime snack is cottage cheese with lots of salt and pepper. As of this morning I weighed 158 pounds! I'm getting there so should reach the minimum of 160 pounds by next week.

Phsically I have felt good today (other than my taste buds). Am a little tired tonight but will have alot of time to rest Thursday and Friday. Everyone has been very supportive about my limited time in the office and I certainly am appreciative. I know that I have not gotten some work done in a timely fashion but will be working hard to get it all caught up by April 29.

So today has been great. Have felt good physically and stomach is doing ok. Mentally, today was good and normal. Just trying to get a handle on being out of office late this week. I am approaching Thursday with some nervousness but expect this to be minor compared to what has happened the last two months. Just have to get used to eating with six less teeth in my mouth!

I am gong to go to bed knowing that God has brought me and my family through another day and a day closer to getting this treatment over with. Will throughly enjoy the next two weeks and try to live as normal a life as this will let me. Lucille made the comment that this week as been as close to normal since before Feb 4. And that is a great thing!

So hope you got a refund back from Uncle Sam. Nite all....

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  1. Your posting is very encouraging! Glad you're doing good. I've been wonderin how you're rocking through tax season plus the start of event season.

    Praying for you!