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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another minor setback

Today was a good day until about 4pm. Got up felt good, started cleaning up my shop and was watching and playing with the grandkids. Food has been ok, not as good as the last two days but ok. Mrs. Glasgow bought some chili over tonight and it was good. Then had chocolate ice cream. The swelling on my left jaw has pretty much gone down. Am still learning to eat with the teeth I have left.

Around 4pm I went in to get Hannah from her nap and my back was frozen to where I could not get up or down or put weight on my left leg. Lucille put heat on my back and the pain is starting to ease up. Couldn't walk for while but am now able to. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it will be alot better so I can prepare for April 29.

Hope eveyone has a good evening. Nite all...

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