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Friday, April 10, 2009

Chemo brain

Well, I had my first day of chemo brain. All day I thought today was April 14 and was in a tizzy because this job would not come together. Then at 4pm I came to realize that today was April 10. The good news was I am 75% done with this job due next week. I have heard about chemo brain and its effects. One being short term memory loss. Another being not being able to keep facts straight. So will have to pay better attention to my work and slow down a little to make sure I get everything straight.

Slept in this morning since Lucille had Good Friday off. But then 75% of Midland slept in as they all had Good Friday off too. Other than not taking my mid day nap, I felt pretty good throughout the day. Had a good lunch and supper so will be interested to see if I have gained any more weight. Taste buds are a little better today. I am eating a little vanilla ice cream now. The ice cream was cold and had a little flavor so it will be a few days before I try again. Spicy is the way for me right now. No sweets.

The big key now is to get rested and energized before the teeth extraction next Thursday. Then about 10 days to recover before the final big push.

I am truly humbled by so many people reading this blog and the impact it is making. God has granted me an opportunity to help other people and I am truly blessed that it is helping others. I use this to not only communicate with all of you wonderful people but as therapy for myself. It is truly amazing how God works in us. May everyone have a great weekend as we go toward Sunday. Thanks to each of you for your support whether it be in prayers, gifts, funny emails, food, comments, visits and general support. Hope all of you have a great night.

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