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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad news - good news

Well, Wednesday came and went but nothing like I expected. The bad news is that I am 10 - 12 working days from starting my six week final push. I had my mask made yesterday and it takes that long for the doctors to program the computer for radiation. We were lead to believe that radiation would start and that all this prep was already done. I had another CT scan to show what is left of the cancer. I was pretty frustrated by the end of the day yesterday as it puts an end to activities this summer for the most part. And I have to get mentally prepared again for this last round of radiation/chemo.

The good news is that we found out that I will go camping this weekend. And that I have had as much chemo as I can possibly have in the last two rounds. And that I am still in the window for the last chemo/radiation round. (We had a concern that the length of time in waiting for the radiation to start would allow the cancer to rear its ugly head again). I have about two weeks to gain some weight (right now I weigh 156 pounds). I will be able to gain some energy in these two weeks as well as get over the sinus infection as a result of my teeth being pulled. It seems the aggressive chemo treatment has done its job in that Dr Corwin (radiation Dr) evidently did not see any cancer to the naked eye yesterday when he looked down my throat.

I will put up a couple of pictures of the radiation mask later this morning. This mask starts out as a flat piece of plastic. I thought it would be solid but it is more mesh like. It is heated and then they pull the plastic over my face and then allow the plastic to cool to shape the plastic to my face. This makes my head be in the same position each time I do radiation. And that means less good cells are killed when they do radiation.

So all in all, other than I will not be starting this last round of chemo/radiation, everything is looking good. Everything is in God's good time and I am sure there is a reason for this delay. There is nothing I can do about it so will trust that God has control of this situation.

I hope everyone has a good day. I will do some work and continue to rest. I started limited workout this morning will continue to do so as my energy level and endurance increases. I will post tonight and then will not post until Sunday evening after I get back from the Troop campout. Have a blessed day....

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