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Friday, April 24, 2009

I felt God today..

Good evening all..

Another week gone and still 7 more weeks to go. Slept til 9am, took a 2 hour nap at noon and got home around 7pm. It was a good day. My attitude was much better and took all problems that arose today in stride. Am determined that my attitude stays up. It takes some work not to get mad or frustrated easily. It is sometime in my normal life (not normal anymore!) that I did not get mad or frustrated easily. But normal today is living with cancer and its cure so have to work extra hard to keep an even keel.

My sinuses are much better today but I think the best thing I did was keep rested!! Seems I have heard that from several comments! Didn't say I wasn't stubborn. I plan on keeping rested until next Wednesday and then it will be a day by day walk.

When Lucille and I had dinner at our daughter's (Sarah) house last night I felt God's wrapping his arms around me. Two of my grandkids are big huggers and as I was eating Walker gets into my lap and hugs on me and tells me about his day and what he gets to eat. Then Hannah gets released from her high chair and as she climbs up into my arms, she puts her head on my shoulder and pats my back with her right hand. It didn't occur to me that God was letting me know that he is here with me thru my grandkids until this morning. All we have to do is listen and feel to God. He speaks to us in so many different ways.

I continue to thank God for each of you for your support. I know that he listens to prayers as every time I feel down something happens that one of you enters my life to lift my spirits. So as I get ready for the weekend, I wish the best for each of you and will be asking God to bless each of you in your many endeavors. Nite all...

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