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Monday, April 20, 2009

A good day of recovery

Good evening gang

After a semi-sleepful night with my back, I was able to get up and go to work. Took all my meds including the pain killer. Didn't need it for the teeth but for the back. And as of tonight my back is much, much better. Another 24 hours and I will not remember having this problem. My teeth seem to be doing very well. Will know on Thursday when I go the dentist for a checkup. Still trying to figure out eating without those teeth.

I have lost 3 pounds since the teeth extraction but expect to make up for that in the next couple of days. I am eating, eating and eating. I expect to be between 160 and 165 pounds as of April 29.

Had a good day at the office tyring to catch up on Thursday and Friday's foss of work. I will catch up on most of my work by the 29th. I am feeling better every day and will get more energy and strength every day. I will be physically and mentally ready for the final push.

Sometimes one thinks that they have the worst problem and then you hear or see others and then think my problem is minor compared to them. That happened to me today. That's not to say my thoart cancer is not serious. If not handled properly it can be as bad. I am lucky to have gone to the doctors and they caught this before it got really bad. God has a way of helping guide us. We just have to listen. And that is not necessarily easy to do. Today, I try to listen to everybody and everything knowing that God is talking to me or opening opportunties for me.

As I go into this next week I go into it with alot of energy, with alot of confidence, and alot of faith to know that God will see me and my family thru this disease. As has been said before "Cancer is a word, not a sentence". I am a cancer survivor and this cancer will always be with me. Everyone who I have visited with have all said the same thing. Cancer changes your life. You learn to be more apprecitive of the world around you, more compassioniate toward others, slowing down to smell the roses.

I hope this week God continues to bless each person who has supported and prayed for me. I know he has anwered alot of prayers as far as I am concerned. As I pray each night and during the day it is my hope that God will bless each of you.

Nite all....

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