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Friday, April 3, 2009

Minor road bump

Today is one more day down in my road to recovery. Started the day out at Allison Cancer Center. Was told that next chemo/radiation treatment would start around April 29. This extra time was to give my gums time to heal after teeth extraction. So will have 6 weeks of radiation and chemo once a week for that six week period. Numbers were good and I have had a pretty good day.

Marisol, our nurse, gave us an education on what would happen during that six period thereby allowing us to plan our schedules accordingly.

Talked to clients today and consulted a pre cancer lady. Spent most of afternoon talking but feel it is necessary due to all of the support that I am getting. Part of my life has changed in that I can now give testimony to others about cancer, the highs and lows, about maintaining a positive attitude. So while I did not accomplish all that I wanted work wise, the emotional support given to others was just as important. Although tomorrow I will be locking my doors to play catch up.

So when I walked into our home, I was told that Marisol had telephoned and that my kidneys were not doing well. Not drinking enough. So will be working on that this weekend and for the foreseeable future. Biggest problem is drinking all that water and then trying to eat enough to gain weight. And my stomach does not have room for both. So it will be non-stop eating and drinking. Lucille has put the word out that if I don't have a bottle in my mouth to make sure one is there! Not sure where I lost control here!

So tonight my stomach feels bloated but will keep pushing the liquids throughout the night to fix this problem. I do feel better today and more energized so know it will keep getting better as each day passes. And it will! Everyday for the next several weeks (minus the teeth extraction) will continue to get better as I hopefully gain the weight I need and stay hydrated. No one said this would be easy. So this is just another bump in the road to take care of.

I do not believe that God will let me down. I do not think I would be at this point today if He had other plans for me. So tomorrow starts a fresh day full of optimism enjoying the world. So if you're in the Midland area, hope you don't get blown away tomorrow! God Bless everyone this Friday night.

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