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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

January is finished and February is going fast!

I had a visit with my throat doctor today - Dr Vic Patel is the greatest! I've had a spot on my neck that came up in November. It had been bothering me so I ask him about it today. It seems that even though I have been off radiation for almost 3 years, that my neck is still burning. So it is another item to my list of nuisances that I have to put up with to stay on this earth and to go where God says I need to be.

I am asking you to pray for my grandson - Walker. He has really been sick lately and can't seem to shake whatever he has. Goes in for more tests on Thursday. This is the young boy (age 5) that has such a wonderful view of life. To go through what he goes through and has since he was born is amazing. I just cherish every moment I have with him. I know Walker has walked with God in his young life and is such a witness! The words that come out of his mouth just blow me over. He talks of heaven. You just have to talk to him and visit with him to get the full impact of the wisdom that can come out of his mouth. But please pray for him. I pray for God's will in his life every day.

Valentine's Day is really overrated to me. Sorry ladies. But I believe that one (man) should give flowers and gifts all the time. I think those gifts and flowers carry alot more weigh because I give them because I want to not because I have to. Have you ever noticed how flower and chocolates prices fall on Feb 15!! That's not to say I don't do flowers but I don't just do them once a year. It is the little things we do for our loved ones that matter. It's the small comment about her looks, the encouragement, being the listener, massages, the hug, the kiss, the holding hands. Like I have said before, we need to slow down and smell the roses and that means spending a few special moments with our spouses and loved ones to let them know how special they are. I intend to continue to do this for all my loved ones. Hope you do to.... Later. Steve