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Thursday, April 2, 2009

In control again?

It is now Thursday evening at 10:30pm. Had a pretty good day. Got up, fixed breakfast for Lucille and then went back to bed! Slept for a couple of hours and then felt better so went to work. Worked for a couple of hours, then took a 1 1/2 hour nap before diving into some t-shirts to help Kathy finish a job that was due today. And inbetween talked to several clients. Went to Harrison's t-ball game for a little while, came home and slept for 3 hours before having 5 different dinners that resulted in none tasting good. But somewhere I think I got some protein in my system, which I need.

Stomach was not too bad today until the last of the 5 dinners! Go figure! So will take more medicine tonight to soothe stomach so can sleep.

I do feel alot better today than yesterday. Biggest problem I probably did today was overdid working. But get to sleep in tomorrow as have a doctor appointment around 9am. So some good comes to it all!

Had someone come in today that did not know I have cancer. Does he not read THIS blog or read the MRT? The nerve!! Guess I need to put it out over the tv and radio! It's funny, at Harrisons ball game tonight, I found people staring at me. Not sure if was the great looking bald head I have or being wrapped up in a jacket in 75 degree weather. Comfort is a necessity and if that is what it takes, then I guess they will deal with it. I already have! Hmmmm does that sound like I am trying to take control again?

Well, it's off to see how much hair I have lost over the rest of my body today. I'm getting a wax free of charge! Well, I guess the $34,000 that has been spent just on the chemo might count! Hope everyone had a great day. God Bless every one of you! Your comments, prayers, gifts, food, movies, telephone calls, emails help me so much each day. Thank you again. Nite all...

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