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Friday, March 20, 2009

Yea it's Friday

Another week down! As I have tried to push myself to get alot of overdue work done, I have pushed my body too hard. But I figure I get to catch up next week while at the hospital getting my next round of chemo. I am tired today but feeling ok. Will sleep in (that means I maybe get to sleep til 7:30) and relax before going to the office to get things cleaned up before Monday. Had several people stop by to visit and enjoyed all of them.

Had another one of the Troops Eagle Scouts call today. He is a student at Texas A & M. I forgave him for going to that school!! And I'm sure the neigborhood is talking this evening as John, one of Midland's finest policeman came to visit! John is one of the Troop's Assistant Scoutmasters and his son is one of the Troop's Eagle Scouts.

The best food I am eating now is real spicey. Guess it overrides the bad taste buds so I can taste the good stuff. So expect spicey food for the balance of the weekend. Then I get to chow down on the wonderful food at MMH!!

The biggest problem I have at the moment is trying to gain weight. While I was wanting to lose about 5 pounds, I did not care about losing anymore. I currently weigh 156. So we are constantly looking for ways to gain weight. The problem is the taste. While I can sometimes eat through the taste, ice cream and chocolate (two of my favorites) taste terrible.

I shaved Monday and have not and will not shave until Monday morning. I will trim my head with the shearers Sunday night, although it probably will not be necessary. I am getting more used to not having any hair. But then, guess I had better as I will probably lose the rest of it anyway. But I tell you getting ready for work is a snap.

Thanks again for all the prayers and continued support. It keeps my spirits up and my faith strong. Have a great night folks.

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