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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brick wall

Well, after a full week of working I have hit a brick wall tonight. I am tired to the bone.

I had a surprise from one of my former Eagle Scouts today. Danny came back and we had a great visit.

Lots of work done and lots left to do before Monday. If it was not for some special people at UTPB, the week would have been a disaster. But as such, things have worked out thanks to them.

Other than being tired, I feel good. Nothing tastes good unless it is spicy hot. Guess it dulls the tongue! But doesn't seem to affect my talking much. My throat is a little hoarse from talking so much today! I have decided that with all this talking my conversation skills are improving!!

Again thanks for all the prayers and support. Sleep well everyone. Goodnight...

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  1. I just to let you know I just read everything you (and your wife) have posted to date. I, being a rather sensitive guy, have been through about half a box of tissue so far. Want you to know that you are in my prayers to beat this thing and that you fell better and stronger every day.