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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a day...

Was evidently wired yesterday as I did not go to sleep until around midnight. After getting up a few minutes this am I crashed again for awhile. While I wasn't excited about it I know my body was telling me that it needed rest so it got what it wanted. Good thing as today was a disaster at work. My computer crashed and I have spent all day trying to recover and still have some recovery to do in the morning. It was the final breakdown after I found out that all my doctors did not get my tooth extraction done for next week. But with all of this, God shows his blessing as Janie and Steve Snelson dropped by the office late this afternoon for a real pick-me up.

So next week I guess I will be further recovering for my next chemo on Mar 24. While everyone is playing on spring break I get to work and get caught up before Mar 24. Alot of work to do but it keeps my mind occupied.

I lost all my email today so if you have sent any emails in the past few weeks of encouragement I would love to have them again. I read them often as a source of encouragement.

I had a talk with Jimmie Patterson this afternoon and he told me he was going to try and get the shaving video up tonight or tomorrow. And hopefully get a newspaper article sometime in the near future.

One of the side effects of chemo is the loss or change of taste in the tongue. Some days food is good and the next it is awful. Today I had coffee which tasted pretty good. But the bean and cheese burrito was forced eating. We had bbq tonight and it was semi-good. Something to get used to as it will be here for the next few months until my body gets completely healed. Guess that is one way to keep the weight off!!

Through the Bible, God has told us that he will not allow us to become totally burdened and today was an example for me. I have the faith that he is looking out for Lucille and me. As our faith and belief hold so will his love and support. He will not give us a burden we cannot bear. I cannot imagine anyone going thru this ordeal that does not have a faith in God. It is this faith that allows me to have the support base from all of you in this ordeal. I know that there is an extra tick in the book of life for each of you. Thanks for your support and love and prayer.


  1. Mom loved lemon drops when she did chemo, it helped with the yucky-tasting moments . . . Praying.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Keep up with the rest guy, as you will need it. Yes chemo does make your taste buds all wierd, I loved chocolate prior to having chemo and now I can only taste maybe the first two bites. It's all hot and spicy food for me now...the hotter the better. Probably not for you as your throat is healing but you'll find something that pleases your palate. Great job on the head shaving. My boys bailed when I had to shave mine off (I'll send you a pci of my bald head) and yes my head was ALWAYS cold so wear a hat. You are an amazing man and I am sorry that we did not keep in touch over all these years but I can tell that you have done much to influence your troop, family and friends. God is truly blessing you and yours and His love is boundless. Take care...hello to Lucille. Love to both, Christi