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Monday, March 16, 2009

Chemo is working

Good evening all - What a beautiful day! It was such a pity to be indoors. Nothing like a day in Midland in the 80's and no wind.

Spent about 3 hours at the doctors office this morning. The most fantastic news is that the doctor smiled when he checked my throat! He did not call in his PA. And said everything looked good which included my blood counts. Then the decision was made that I would become a resident of MMH for next week, letting the nurses wait on my hand and foot! Nothing like 24 hour care! But the real reason is to let them help me through the extra pain and reaction to the chemo that I had last time so I will only be down for a week instead of two weeks. So will be reading and sleeping and if possible eating smuggled food. I weigh about 161 but expect to lose a few pounds while in the tower of healing.

Jimmy Patterson dropped off the video and pictures he took at the shaving last week. Have not had a chance to review but will post some pictures and will ad the video in the next couple of days. My hair is growing faster on the right side than the left side. Shaved today cause it was Monday. Not necessarily because I needed to. Feel like high school when I shaved once a week whether I needed it or not.

So attempted work this afternoon and visited with clients all afternoon. One brought me a crocheted beanie. It is really comfortable. Another brought a beautiful cross and a magnet that says "Failure is not an option". The love and support from ya'll is so touching. You do not realize how good it makes me feel. All I know is that I will owe all of you when this over. And I realize you do not expect anything in return, but I will owe you.

Had a hot link for supper. No bread just a hot link. And it tasted pretty good. I continue to get stronger. Started lifting a little weight this am to tone up my arms, chest and stomach.

So tonight I am pumped!! Good news at the doctor, on the eve of the second of three chemo treatments to begin. Life is good, God is good. Thanks to all of you who hold me up in your prayers. God Bless Ya'll...............


  1. You can do it, cowboy! If you're nice I'll smuggle you some crab beignets from N'awlins!

  2. I hope the hot links were good, Frank swears by Earl Campbell. At our house that is a dinner of champions (don't tell Jory) My granny always said that when you are sick if nothing sounds or tastes good and you come across something that does...EAT IT! So glad you are feeling better.