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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The reason I am in hospital.

Well, I just finished a night of being drugged. Started having problems late afternoon yesterday and was knocked out all night. Nurses just checked to make sure I was breathing and let me sleep. Had to get up several times and was really really unsteadly for most of night but did not fall. As of this morning I am just hungry as did not eat supper last night. They brought supper at 4:30pm and just did not want to eat at that time. But got sick shortly thereafter so guess it did not matter.

The good news in all of this is that I was in hospital and this was all caught to keep it from getting worse. The hiccups were caught in the first 5 minutes and the upset stomach caught within the next hour so did not suffer a long time. That was the whole purpose of being here and it worked!

With the care of the wonderful staff at MMH and through the prayers of everyone out there, we have made it through another day in the road to recovery.


  1. Steve- I am a Troop Leader for Troop 8 in Anchorage Alaska. I will say a prayer and try to pass onto my Troop. God Bless -Bob

  2. The power of prayer is a God given blessing. Thank you for your prayer and support. I know my boys give me a strength and energy. You never know how they will react to circumstances and I am alwsys so proud of them when they do the right actions. Make me so glad I can be part of their lives as well as Scouting in general. Thanks to you and Troop 8 for your prayers. Steve