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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cancer is a WORD not a sentence.. (from Chloe and Tracy)

but the day started off like a sentence. I have finally figured out that I have been eating too much at one time and it was causing problems so have started eating a little all the time. It seems to be working much better. This evening at 6pm my last bag of chemo for this round was put on. So around 6:30pm Saturday night, I will have finished the second of three rounds of chemo!

Rev Mike Philliber came by today and I really appreciated his scripture and prayer. My emotions have been up and down today and his kind words really had an effect on me. Thanks Mike.

As I get ready to sleep for the night, I thank God for the prayers, calls, and support from each of you. God truly does not give you more than you can take and today was one of those witnesses. Grown men do cry and I think it is an important part of releasing tensions. At least it was for me today.

My grandson (Harrison - age 4) came by tonight. I have not seen him in a week and he seems to have grown up so much. He told me about his baseball game this week and the birthday party he went to today. He was going to have ice cream for me tonight!! Sweets are just not inviting right now. Have to be after I get a couple of days after chemo as I need weight back up before radiation starts in three weeks. But before then I will get my energy back.

This round of chemo has not been nearly as bad as the last. I think it was because of being in the hospital and being able to push iv instead of orals. So while it has had its ups and downs, it has been a significant improvement over the first round.

So hopefully I get to go home on Monday and start the road to weight and energy for the week. I hope everyone has a great weekend and even though I am in the MMH tower, I expect to have a good weekend! Cancer is after all a WORD not a sentence. Nite all!!

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