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Monday, March 23, 2009

I am a cancer survivor

I know this is another posting but it is on my mind on this early Tuesday morning.. Be sure to read the following posting. I have two posting for Monday.

Hopefully I can remember all that my mind has done. I need a automatic transcriber to remember all that has come to my mind. So it may be somewhat incomplete now that I am putting it on paper so I may be adding to it over the course of the week.

I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR. The day that I knew I had cancer I was a survivor. I am bound to beat this throat cancer. If I survive the treatment (which I will with God's help), I will be the ultimate cancer survivor and join the ranks of men, women and children who have wonderful stories to tell the world and especially to others who are entering the treatment phase of their cancer.

Cancer is not a personal problem. Yes, it does physically affect the person who has the cancer, but it affects the immediate family, friends, business associates and others with whom we come in contact with. The most wonderful part of this is how it brings people together for a person who has cancer. It seems so easy to just give up on treatment. After all, sometimes it feels like the treatment is worse than the cancer. It affects all of cancer survivors different. But the one common trait that binds us together is the positive attitude in fighting this cancer. And I think the number one person we rely on is God and the faith we have in him. He did not give us this cancer, but he will use our attitude and perservance to help others with whatever problems they may have. It does not have to be cancer. I do not want this cancer but I have it and will deal with it headon. And that is life for us. If we attack our problems head on, then we are helping ourselves and we are helping those folks who we come in contact with, whether personally, professionaly, or through contacts such as this blog or prayer groups around the world. As I tell my Boy Scouts, you never know who may see you and the effect you have on them while you are doing your deeds.

I have been so blessed in the support I have in this ordeal.
1) my wife
2) my children and their kids
3) my friends whether in Midland or out of town
4) the staff at MMH at the Allison Cancer Center and the Onology Unit
5) the prayers from those I know and those I don't know who offer me up in their prayers each day
6) my Boy Scouts and the leaders in the Troop
7) my church

The uplifting I get from each of you is so real to me. The kind words, the reality of my progress making sure I do not give in when times are rough, the cards, the paintings from kids, the phone calls from friends and Eagle Scouts, my grandkids who know of this "bobo" (it is amazing what they think at the age of 4 and 2), the food, books and movies, the skull caps. All of you have contributed more than you know. Yes, there have been rough days and there will be more rough days before June 15 (final day of radiation). But Lucille and I will get through this.

God has granted me an opportunity to truly give back a small portion of the blessings he has given me so far. Who knows, maybe these words will help someone else, regardless of their problems. I know I will continue to say words and do deeds to somehow help others in their plight. After all, I think that God wants us to be this way. Each other helping others.

This isn't exactly the thought process I had in my brain. But I think the final result is the same. Lucille has not proofed this so bear with me if it isn't quite correct. I just had to wake up to get it on paper before it totally left me. I sincerely hope each of you had as good a Monday as I have had and that your Tuesday will be filled with God's blessings as I hope and am determined mine will be. May God bless this and each of you.


  1. Steve,

    You don't know me and we have never met, but I feel I know you somewhat by this blog. I work with your wonderful wife at Region 18. I read this blog daily and feel like I have too. But, I always come away with a smile on my face. My Dad always told me the true measure of a man is the character he shows during extreme situations. Well, my friend...you are some man! You stay strong for all of us and keep that amazing FAITH you have.

    God Bless,
    Teresa Kyees-Region 18 ESC

  2. I just wanted to Praise Jesus for the work he is doing in and through you. I have probably never told you this, but i hope you have known it. Steve i love you. You have had an impact on my life from a young age. I hope one day i will mature to be the man of integrity you already are. 1 Samuel 12:23 As for me far be it from me that i should sin against the Lord by falling to pray for you, and i will teach you the way that is good and right.

    PS. it warmed my heart to read as you confessed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing that you are in is hand and that you are assured of your salvation in and thru him. "For nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus".

    Love in Christ
    David P. Wright

  3. David, you made me cry as you said it so good. Steve you are right, people are reading this that you don't even know, for one my family and extended family. God has blessed you and continues to bless you. You are such an inspiration to all of us who read this.
    Have a good night and God Bless YOU!! I pray your day tomorrow isn't as bad as you think it might be. Marsha

  4. This is a very uplifting and heart felt blog. I will keep you in my prayers! I know all things will work out. For in Jesus they must. David is a good friend of mine and his words rang true! God bless you and your family! Melinda