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Monday, March 2, 2009

Stay Vigilant

Posted by Lucille

Ten Blessings from Today's Events
10. Allison Cancer Center Staff
9. Marisol (Dr. Rastogi's nurse)
8. Dr. Rastogi
7. Modern Medicine
6. My parents' determination to make me determined
5. Steve's positive attitude
4. Above ground and breathing (courtesy of Eddie Taylor)
3. Friends that are family
2. Our wonderful kids who are comfort and support
1. That we're never alone

The weekend turned to a nightmare. At 8:30 this morning, Steve was hospitalized for a stay that will last several days. When patients are asked to evaluate their pain from one to ten, the medical practitioners have some leeway. They evaluated Steve's pain at a twelve. He is very tired, on a morphine pump, on three antibiotics and an antifungal, on oxygen, and is being hydrated constantly.

Since I know it's not fun to read this blog when I write, we ask that everyone stay hopeful, positive, and pray vigilantly that Steve posts again soon.


  1. Hey, Lucille! I've not yet met you - I can't believe that, as long as I've known Steve! Know that my husband Steve and I are praying, as well are tons of the oilfield people. Steve's a good friend of mine, through accounting and plaques!!

    Hope Steve feels way better soon! Thanks for posting!

  2. Steve and Lucille,
    Know that Lee Bell and I are praying for both of you. You guys are more special than you know. Thank you for keeping us up to date
    Gregg and Lee Bell