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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another day closer to the cure..

The day just got better and better. Yes, I am tired tonight but getting stonger as the days go by. At least until next week. But I am really happy with my energy level at this point. I expect it to get better and better as the week goes toward the weekend.

Things are getting a little more normal at the office. I have alot to do, but am making headway since I basicly missed two weeks. But as I have said before, you just make the most of it and keep right on truckin.

I don't know what kind of surgi-strips they put on me when they put in my port but they are still clinging to my body. Heck, they may stay on until this ordeal is over!!

I shaved today but it was more of habit than needing to shave. So will be able to get ready for work in about 10 minutes tomorrow!! So I get to sleep just a little longer or maybe work out a little longer. Yes, I am working out some doing my crunches. A six pack I will not get but it sure is not going to be flabby! Same with my arms. Besides I have to stay in shape so I can keep up with my boys. So far, I have been able to stay up or ahead of them thru these 25 years and I don't intend to get behind now. So when I feel able on these inbetween weeks I will be working out.

Food tasted alot better today so am hopeful that it will get better thru Sunday. Am gaining a little weight. Lucille has been great in trying to find something I will eat. Right now it is hot and spicy. She had carmelized onions tonight along with hot links and they really tasted good. I want to have some good Mexican before Sunday.

I got a call from one of my boys in New York today. I was visiting with some clients when he called but hope to visit with him sometime this week. It always great to hear from troop members who have moved on. Another one of my boys came by the office to visit.

The cards that have been received have been so uplifting. I look forward to the mail each day. The support and prayers that come thru these cards is fantastic. And I thank each of you that has taken the time to write and send cards. If I never received another card, I pray that each of you who has taken the time and effort and money receives a special blesing. I have so many memories to draw from. Please do not think that I am asking for more cards. I am not. It's just that they lift me up so much. I have gone through all of them more than once reading your kind comments.

As I told some clients today about how Lucille and I are approaching this cancer, I saw in their eyes the uplifting we are giving. I pray that our actions will spread to others who are having problems in their lives. After all, aren't we suppose to be helping others. I have alot of helping to do as a result of all the help ya'll are giving me. God Bless each of you and good night.......

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