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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A lazy Sunday

As the first day of week sets in the sun, I find my back looking for a soft comfortable angle to sleep. My grandsons found the mechanical devices to operate this bed and so my body went thru all sorts of stretches and compressions for a time this evening. These things grandparents will put up with when they get to see their grandkids.

No major medicine today. Just waiting for the shot this morning to take over helping my body rejuvenate itself. Was told that I get to go home in the morning. I am ready! So tomorrow I get to go home and my dogs get to snuggle up around me looking for a comfortable place to sleep!

My son had to return to his home this afternoon. He was such a help to Lucille as she tried to divide her time between work and the hospital.

I have spent the day visiting with folks who have come to brighten up my spirits. Got balloons which my grandkids thought were great!

My time in the hospital this week has been soooo much better than last time. All the reactions were corrected before anything bad happened so it was a good week. I look forward to getting back into a normal lifestyle this week. It will be hectic but then when is life not hectic?

I continue to thank God for sending his angels to show his love and devotion. And I pray that angels have entered into your lives this last week. Nite all.

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