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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Truly my first day from the hospital. Stayed at home this morning and then went to work. Lasted about two hours before taking an 1 1/2 hour nap before finishing up the work day. Now how many of you wish you had it so. An afternoon nap? I have found that although I know I have to rest, I am energizied in working and taking care of business. I still have a family to support, obligations and of course, grandkids to spoil.

But the biggest event of the day was at Scouts tonight. This morning as I was drying my hair (what little I have - er had) was falling out in handfuls. So tonight was the Scoutmaster shave off. I let the boys shave what hair I had left and subjected myself to their good natured jabs. But what I experienced most what the energy these young men gave me tonight. I felt good as I mingled with them, counseled them. Jimmie Patterson from the Midland Reporter Telegram was there to film and interview the thoughts of the boys. And some of their comments were real heart felt. I drew aloth of strength from them tonight. So now I have a clean shaven head. I did not realize that my head could get colder but it is. Guess I will have to find a crazy sock cap to help keep the heat in! Somewhere I will post pictures of the actual event and the aftermath!

It is late now and although I am tired, I feel better not only about today but about tomorrow. One more day down and one glorious day tomorrow. I know I have some tough days ahead but my attitude is that the sooner I get there, the sooner I am over this!

I truly believe that the prayers everyone is offering up are working. That God will provide for Lucille and me. I think the silver lining I have found is what I can do for others in helping them through their problems, in getting up every day and continuing life, in dealing with the events that are handed to us in a positive way.

Evidently, many of you have not been able to comment on the blog. We think that is now fixed so if you are so inclined, then comment away. I look every day to see where and how many people have looked. It gives me strength to know how much support I have. Thank you for that and may God bless everyone.


  1. Oh! If I'd kept up with the blog, Steve and I would have come to watch! So glad Jimmy the P could be there and the MRT could take part. It's a good thing you're doing, laddie - raising awareness for the scouts and cancer!

    It's good to see you writing and see your sense of humor is still intact!

    Blessings to you and Lucille and we're praying for y'all and Walker!

  2. Steve,
    My prayers are with you & Lucille, as well as Walker. I work with your gorgeous wife, and as I'm sure you know, her heart is pure gold! I just wanted to say stay strong. I'm a 30 year survivor. Although we all face challenges, the beauty of our lives is a wonderous thing! My prayer is that our Lord will grant you the serenity and strength to face each day with your beautiful wife beside you! Many blessings!
    Caroline Miller

  3. Steve,

    Sorry I missed the "shave off". I hoped to get to come to Scouts last night. However, I was working on a "brushfire" project at work which had to get done before midnight.

    I saw the photos, and heck, even shaven you've got nearly as much hair as I do...

    Glad you are home. Hang in there!
    Mark Moshell

  4. Steve, it was a hoot to watch the boys buzz your head. Robert has a great nack for shaving....learned, no doubt, from shaving his farm animals! How does it feel to be treated like one of Roberts farm animals? :>)

    Listening to the boys last night talk about you & the role you play in their lives was a big deal! You're an important man, & those young men know it & told you so last night. That should pump you up & charge your batteries for days to come. When you get low, you ought to play the video of their comments back over & over again.

    Mike Philliber

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I do read and enjoy your blog. You are all in my prayers. Your family is such an inspriration to all. Remember to rest! That is so important now. Sorry I could not shave your head, since that is something I do. What color would you like your hat to be? Let me know and I will fix you up, but don't want to do the wrong color.
    Nancy Holmes