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Monday, March 23, 2009

Always Hiking

It is now 8:15pm and I have finished
the first two chemos of the day and fixing to start 5fu. The picture is of me walking the halls with my drug rack. My friend for the next 5 days. As you can see, there is no stone left unturned or money not spent on making me comfortable!! I have the same wonderful nurses in the onocology unit and it is very reassuring to me.

We got to Allison Cancer at 8am this morning getting blood drawn and visiting with the doctor. I weight about 162 pounds with my clothes on (157 without). Got over to the Oncology Unit around 10:30am. Because of someone else having problems today elsewhere in the unit, I did not start any iv's or chemo until around 3pm. So I just gave the nurses a hard time. The only problem is they give it right back. When they stuck my port I thought it must have been a #16 nail. It took a couple of hours for the hurt to subside. At this point I only have 2 bags hanging but if all goes well there will only be two for the balance of the week. But it looks like I will be here thru Sunday. But who knows, if I have no problems I might get to come home late Saturday or maybe Sunday. Money is on Monday.

I am feeling good at this point. But the trial starts tomorrow and this is the best place to be to make sure I don't go thru what happened last time.

So if I'm not in my room, I am hiking the halls of MMH. Only problem is I cannot leave this unit because of the chemo hanging. So I will not be going far. Have to keep hiking. My hiking stick is my pole! After all I have a camp out to get to in a few weeks.

Enjoy the pics! Depending on the rest of the I'll post some more. I am getting made fun of at this point by Lucille and my kids. So enjoy and may God Bless Us all this week..

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  1. Good luck to you and may God be with you through this phase of your Chemo.
    Marsha Albright Dodd