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Saturday, March 14, 2009

No hair? No problem

Well, I paid the price for working 14 hours yesterday. Sept til 9:30 this morning, so what did I do? I got up and went to the office and worked until 7pm. Think I learned my lesson? Evidently not!! But will surely be ready for bed. But tomorrow will be another long day but only have a week before the next treatment. So gotta make hay while I can........

I have spent the day in a beanie! So I have come up with some advantages and disadvantages for not having hair.
No hair means:
Savings on shampoo.
Saving time each morning because I don't have to wash my hair. Saves about 10 min!
Don't have to worry about hat hair.
Don't have to worry about not washing my hair and it looking bad.
People love to rub your head when shaved. I know I do when my boys shave their heads. I rub them all the time.
People tell you how cute you are! Now really, cute??
Get to wear beanies and not get the gang look.
Hair will not ever get sweaty.

And to top it off, evidently my beard is going as I have been two days without shaving and I still look I just shaved. So I get to save more on shaving cream and not shaving. So I have effectively cut my getting ready to work by 15 - 20 minutes. Took me 3 minutes today. Just brushed my teeth. And in a few weeks, that may not take 3 minutes!

So may not ever get hair again. Just keep it shaved off saving time and money!!

Have not seen the video of the cut yet but hear it is pretty funny. By the way if you want a autograph from today's front page..... forget it!! But would like a couple of extra copies if any of you have not thrown it away. Going to make a poster of it......NOT. Just going to send to my favorite aunt and my mom.

It's been a good day overall and will enjoy my sleep. May God continue to bless each of you for your support and prayers. In another week, I will be taking chemo again which hopefully will not be as bad as before. But it will be the second of three down!!!!!! Yea

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