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Sunday, March 8, 2009

My clothes, my clothes

Am hopefully finally preparing to leave my MMH tower tomorrow. Am off all pain medicine, and everything else is to be taken orally. Had hiccups until about 4am this so sleep was not to be had. Every time I called a nurse to stop them, the hiccups stopped, and then returned so just decided to wait it out for about 6 hours.

The time to get ready to go home and all I have is a hospital gown. And I don't think they will let me take it. Have had no clothes for a week now. It will feel weird to be bound by pants, shirt and jacket. Who knows, maybe I will start dressing down around the house!!

Have slept off and on all day, reading the MRT, reading a great novel, and greeting friends who have passed through. Adam left today and will be back in two weeks when this ordeal starts over again. I WILL be better prepared for the next time. I don't expect to feel better but will know what to expect (non-discovery I think).

I have felt trapped in this small room today and it has made me somewhat depressed. But tomorrow I get to be back in the world of my home, my family, my friends. Assuming all goes well tomorrow the anticipated shaving of the scoutmaster will be on Tuesday evening. My hair is starting to fall out so just want to get it over with and the boys will so enjoy it. We'll see if anyone wants to join me. Yea right!!!!

Did not have much of an appetite today. But still had some chicken for lunch and Rosa's' fajitas for supper courtesy of Cindy (Lucille's boss). I now weigh 158 pounds. Do you think it all this good hospital food or maybe it has something to do with the contraband brought in from the outside! I will work from the house tomorrow but plan on being at the office on Tuesday. I have no pain except the pain in my back by being in bed too much. Needless to say hospital beds are not designed for comfort. Only good thing about them is you can adjust them up and down.

I did escape the hospital ward today for about 30 minutes. Adam and Lucille took me to the courtyard for some sun and fresh air. I actually think I could have walked off the place and they would not have ever known until they came by for their two hour check. We were told today that they catch people at Walgreens all the time in their hospital gowns and poles!!Great place to sleep if you can do it in two hours.

I could not do this without Lucille. She has been here holding my hand, keeping the nurses humored, and keeping track of my progress. The staff here has been fantastic. I will see them again in a couple of weeks for another session of 10 - 12 days and quite possibly again one more time when I go through radiation combined with chemo. But right now my mind is set to get healthy, gain a little weight and to get prepared for the next round of chemo.

I'm ready to get out into the world again where I can walk around, talk to clients, visit with friends, work, see my grandchildren and kids and be home. Oh, and harass alot of boys. I'm sure they will have some stories to tell me Tuesday evening about their camp out while shaving my head. Hopefully, the MRT will be there and I'm sure alot of cameras and videos. How often does one get to actually shave a scoutmaster!!

So if you see me butt naked tomorrow going down the street, I'm not streaking, just looking for my clothes.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers and cards. I cry, I laugh but deep inside my heart swells knowing that so many of you care.......

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