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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another day down....

Was the weather nice today? I wouldn't know as I spent most of day working. Lucille and I did go to the eyeglass store to reorder a different pair of sunglasses. Seems they could not put my prescription in the first pair we ordered. Have to have them when I start radiation.

But we did sleep until 9am. Needed to get up earlier but somehow we made it to 9. I was dressed and ready for the day in 10 minutes!

Worked most of the day but had to take a little nap this afternoon. Can't get all the rest I need in one night. Lucille came to help and by shear luck Sarah came and rescued her. Seems she would rather babysit the grandkids than make copies. Another one of my Eagle Scouts came to visit today.

Adam came in from Albuquerque late this afternoon to stay for the week while I have chemo. He is also going to help at the shop printing t-shirts. He fixed a great meal tonight and it was really tasty! Am winding down on my last meals until after chemo.

So the day was good. Got alot of work done and have more to do tomorrow. Will try to work about 1/2 day and get everything in order for next week's workers while I lay in luxury at MMH where I'll be waited on every 2 hours. Other than being tired, I am going great! My last day of feeling good tomorrow but then I am getting excited about getting the second round of chemo done next week.

Your prayers and support will be greatly felt as I go into next week. Have a great night and see you tomorrow. Later gang....................

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  1. Hey Steve,
    Wrote your name in the log book at the top of Texas yesterday. I thought about you all the way up. Stay strong.