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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

What a wonderful sunny Sunday. Slept in and then took another nap before lunch. Enjoyed the sun today while sitting on the patio. Have been tired feeling most of day due to the hours I worked the last two days.

Lucille fixed spam, potatoes and onions for supper. We both grew up eating this meal. It was a staple at both our households. But the best news today was that it tasted good. These taste buds are really weird in that what is good one day is not the next. So just have to keep eating and finding something tasty each day. But get to try alot of different foods that way. Last night it was just a hot dog with mustard. But at least I am eating which is helping my body heal.

We are thinking about going hiking next weekend with Adam. Hopefully, I will feel better and more energized as the days go this week.

Heck, with the weather getting hotter this week, I may not wear my beanie and be able to just show off my new hair cut.

Paul (my son in law) had a music cd release last night and I understand it was successful. Alot of people went out to hear him. We did not go as we stayed with the kids last night while Sarah went out to support Paul.

A lazy Sunday but we both needed it today. We rested and rested and will be ready for the hectic week. Alot of you will be spring breaking this week and I hope everyone has a great week. May God give all of you safety in your endeavors this week. Later gang.

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