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Friday, March 6, 2009

Do MMH nights count as camping nights?

Sorry for the abrupt stoppage last night but my problems lasted through about 10am today. Was informed that I would not be going home today and that I was to be a guest at this fine establishment for the weekend. And I had kept hoping that somehow, someway to make it to Hughes Aquatic Base for at least a few hours. Not sure how I was going to get to stay past midnight to get my camping night, but it is just a fleeting memory at this hour. The guys and boys are going camping and next to my family, I miss it the most!

After battling an upset stomach all night and the wonderful nurses keeping me a in semi sleep, I know now that the only thing going into my body for awhile will be nothing but protein. So for lunch I had a bowl of jello, beef broth, and some meat (chicken I think). My stomach has settled down for the afternoon and half slept through it. Had a few visitors today even though I was not supposed to. My white counts have continued to fall again and are at the 250 mark. I am hoping for an improvement tomorrow. When they get to 1500 and steady I get to go home! For supper, Lucille went out and we had some rice, chicken and pineapple from the King and I. I got the chicken and she got the rest. It has helps to settle the hunger pains. And then had some jello. Just finished some jello to keep this stomach from rumbling too much tonight. I want to eat but am afraid of what will happen so we are now approaching everything in a very cautious manner.

I have been tired today but tonight got up and shuffled up and down the hall a couple of times. Then as I realized what I was doing I picked up my knees, thru my chest back, pushed my chin up and walked like I normally do. I surprised Sarah and Lucille when I took off. Took a couple more laps and am now settling in for the evening. I look at today and see some progress and am positive it will get better!

I didn't want to know what would happen to me initially. I am not a discovery person so not sure why I thought such a thing. Not that it would have mattered this week with all the problems that have arisen. But I will certainly be more prepared for the second round of chemo in a couple of weeks. It probably won't make me feel any better but will know what to expect.

My Boy Scout Troop is having an Leadership Training Session this weekend. While they don't see it as much fun, it is very necessary to them and for the adults who teach the lessons. I have seen many boys who come back and saw what an impact it has had on them in their adult lives. First one I have missed in 25 years and will be thinking of them often this weekend. I consider the leadership training they receive in the Troop to be one of the assets of the Troop.

The only other thought in my head at this moment is how much the cards, prayers, calls, visits have meant not only to me but also to my family. To have such support from across the United States and especially in Midland is beyond words for me. (I know, for some of you that is a hard thing to believe!). Life is really about support and supporting each other, regardless of whether it is your family, church, associates, friends, strangers. And when one gives of himself/herself then at some point that can come back to help you. And I truly believe that has happened to me since Feb 4. A long way to go but with the help of all of you, I will be back at church, at work, with my family and camping.

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