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Friday, May 29, 2009

PEG put in

A short note to tell you I am still among the living, at least I think I am.

The PEG was put in yesterday (Thursday) around 1:00pm. But it couldn't be simple. I had the dry heaves on the operating table as they were trying to put me to sleep.

So I have another addition to my body. A tube that is about 8 inches long coming out of the middle of my body. Maybe I will take a picture later of it. It is amazing how much those muscles are used in the movement and picking up of items. I am thoroughly wasted tonight (Friday) as I am trying to adjust to this new addition to my body.

In addition to this, I finished my third week of radiation this afternoon. So I have 4 weeks to go.

Thanks for you prayers. More later......

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