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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 chemo down - 4 to go...

Hello to all this fine May evening.

Just finished up my 3rd chemo so I am officially into this treatment 3 1/2 weeks. Ate good supper tonight and feel pretty good. Was very tired before chemo but they gave me enough saline to get my energy level back up. Had a couple of bowls of chili tonight. It was great to eat and enjoy and getting full!

We meet the Morrisons today and the man was being treated for throat cancer also. Lucille and his wife shared some stories about his peg and other items related to the throat. So we will try some of them to see if it will help my tongue. He finishes his treatments in 8 more visits.

I will be out of touch for a couple of days as I have peg surgery tomorrow and a nights stay at MMH. Hopefully I can control my stomach so that the surgery will not become an issue. Will be home sometime Friday afternoon after radiation. Don't want to miss any radiation treatments. Not interested in moving back the July 3rd day!!

Another one of my Eagles came by today for a visit. He will be here for the summer. He has applied to medical school. I always enjoy his visit. It was a pick me up this morning. Thanks Jordan.

I am a cancer survivor! And I plan on being a living a long time cancer survivor. Things will get more rough as this treatment gets deeper but I am so uplifted by your comments, calls, cards and emails. I cannot thank you enough for all the support. I continue to pray for each of you. And I continue to try and live a normal life and to be strong. Some days are harder than others but God carries me through on those days when I cannot walk myself. I look at every conversation as an opportunity for God. I continue to search for this silver lining. And who knows, the life I may touch, I won't even know about it! But then it recorded in the book of life and that is all that is important! While recognition on this earth is fulfilling, the relation to God is the real goal. So my road rage has gotten alot less!! But stopping to help others has increased greatly even to the point of being late!! Well, I always seem to be 5 minutes late. I still think I can get across town in 5 minutes!!

My spirits are good this evening. I feel good and I am ready for the next couple of days. Talk to you Friday gang.....

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  1. Steve,
    My sister is also reading your log daily. Last night it took some time going to sleep as I said my prayers for you. I visualize God's arms around you, try it as it really is fulfilling. I don't know that I could have gone through what you are going through, you are truly a strong person and your faith has really helped you. I will continue to read and pray for you, it is amazing how much you are on my mind!! Keep the faith as you ARE a cancer survivor!!! God Bless You and your family, I know it must be harder than we know on Lucille.