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Monday, May 4, 2009

A sleepy day...

Good evening to all. A pretty good day even for a Monday. Finally got up at 9am. Then babysit two of my grandkids until noon. Then came home to meet adjustor who had come earlier in the day. But slept for a couple of hours. So finally got to the office around 3pm and left after my Troop meetings around 8pm.

Other than needing sleep, which I did not fully realize I needed, I had a pretty good day. Did not eat enough today so have to really work on that the rest of the week. I eat alot more than I used to but cannot seem to gain the weight needed. So will keep at it in hopes of getting a few pounds before next week. My sinsues have cleared up some and should continue to do so the rest of this week. Food is still a chore at times. No sweets or sugar. An apple today did not even taste good. The good news is that I can tolerate most other foods so will continue to eat and eat and drink and drink!

I have worked out some and will continue to do so if for no other reason that to keep my muscle tone. Medium workouts are out of the question at this point. Will try to hike some this weekend, but will be careful not to over extend myself.

This should be a good week to get energy, gain some weight and have some extra endurance. I don't know when the final push will start but will let everyone know when I know. I thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and prayers. Nite all...

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