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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just a routine day...

Good evening all..

A pretty normal day today. I did not take an afternoon nap and my wall is rapidly approaching tonight. Had Scouts and found out the summer camp we were supposed to attend has been canceled so looked at some alternatives.

We go to the chemo doctor in the morning and hopefully get some straight answers about the length of this chemo/radiation. I thought it was six weeks and Lucille thinks it is closer to eight weeks. So we'll get on the same page tomorrow morning about the length of this treatment. It has kinda thrown a kink into summer plans and my mental state. But if it is to be eight weeks, then it will be eight weeks. I did not come this far to say I'm not going to do this anymore!

Other than tired tonight, I am doing good. Lucille gave me some vanilla ice cream tonight but it was covered with coco mix and cinnamon. Those two items really masked the taste of the ice cream. Will try some more tomorrow. Still only weigh 155 pounds and need to gain a few pounds before next week.

Will continue to rest, eat and get some energy. But I thank God that he is carrying me at times when I cannot cope with this. And I am truly thankful that he listens! All I have to do is listen! Hope everyone takes the time to listen to God! Nite all..

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