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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 chemo down 5 to go... 30 more raidiation treatments

Good afternoon all.. hope I didn't scare too many by not posting last night. Spent too much time at Scouts last night and just feel into bed when I got home.

Seven down and 30 to go! Was up at 6:30am - radiation at 7 - the peg doctor from 8 til 9:30 - then the chemo doctor - and then chemo until 3pm. Have felt pretty good most of day although at this moment my stomach is acting up some. Shouldn't be as I have medicine to take care of it. But doctor told me to take some extra medicine that I already take to try and take care of it. Have lost 5 pounds in two weeks. So that might be an additional 15 pounds. That would put me at junior high weight! I am pretty skinny now so I would hate to think how thin I would look then! I could fit into 32" jeans my kids bought me! And back then I had this great tan which today is as white as a ghost. Want to lay in the sun and brown my chest up some but can't do! But blood work looks good today so that is a great plus. Just need to be drinking more! And eating!

My throat is starting to dry a little but have noticed that if I keep moist then it is alot better so am sipping water and tea more. I am getting cold easier now but I'm sure that is because of weight loss. Thought I would not be wearing beanies anymore but wear one to bed and had one on during chemo. And it appears at this point my free right on shaving has ceased. My peach fuzz is growning with regularity so will have to shave every night now. Bummer!!

I thank God for another good day. As ET says, "above ground and breathin' ". But I truly thank each of you for your support, words, and deeds. We know that this would be extremely hard without your support. Talk to you later.......

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