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Monday, June 1, 2009

a long 4 days

I think I am back among the living this Monday morning. It has been a long four days. Another surgery, another recovery period. I do not remember anything on Thursday afternoon, including posing for these pictures! Dr Patel came in around 4 and showed everyone, including me, the pictures of the surgery and I have no memory of it!
I slept most of weekend. Starting using this tube and figuring out how it works. I can drink 11 oz of liquid but cannot seem to stomach more than 4 oz of it being pushed thru a tube. Go figure!
It seems every time I move my stomach reacts to the movement and causes some pain and discomfort. Suppose to go away in a few days. It is very strange seeing a tube hang from your stomach knowing that it connects directly to the stomach. I will spend this week getting the hang of using this tube to supplement my eating. My tongue is still not cooperating with my eating. As long as I drink constantly, the back of my throat stays somewhat moist, thereby allowing me to swallow. And that is most important at this stage.
The days are running together. But as of Wednesday, I have 30 days to finish this treatment. Can't imagine it getting harder, but know that it will.
Talk to everyone later......

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