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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A good weekend..

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Am back from my camping trip. Tired but doing ok.
Got to Breckenridge, TX around 10:30 Friday night with 9 boys and 6 adults. Set up beds and got to bed around 12am. Up at 7am to get ready for the work day. After breakfast, we jumped in and helped the MD Anderson ladies set up the tables for the later afternoon meal. We then set up the parking lots (a blank field) for the cars that were to arrived after lunch. The day started out very cool and rainy. We did have some rain late Saturday morning but the day was cloudy and windy and cold the rest of the day. We set up camp as waiting for all the folks to leave Saturday night is too much for the boys (and some of us adults).

I talked to some of the MD Anderson ladies and it seems (at least among them) that I am known at MD Anderson. They all asked about my treatment and how much more I had to undergo. They were very nice and supportive.

I pretty much left the parking to the boys after the first 30 minutes and they did a great job the rest of the afternoon. THe boys did not get to see much of the polo match as the paid supporters did not really arrive under around 5pm. We are normally finished with parking around 4. We ate supper and the boys then kept the trash emptied until around 8pm. We then retired to our campsite while Jack Ingram played for about an hour. THen the fireworks started and lasted about 30 minutes this year. After that, we spent about 45 minutes helping to break down tables, put up decorations, and stack chairs and then clean up the area. We were back into our camp around 10:30 and proceeded to get ready for bed as everyone was pretty tired.

The boys and adults did a great job this year. We were a little short handed but the boys chipped right in and worked hard all day and night.

As for me, I took a little nap Saturday afternoon and then directed the boys for the balance of the afternoon and evening. Not alot of direction when they were working so hard! This is a big fund raiser for MD Anderson and was told it was the largest one that have done for this event. The Troop was glad to be able to be a small part of this event.

I am tired tonight as I drove the Troop bus down and back home. And being out in the elements has a way of wearing one down. But a good nights sleep in my bed and I will be ready for a good week. I talked to a few people who had heard about me and were praying for me. It is amazing how word spreads sometimes. It just goes to show you how wonderful people are in helping one another.

As I get ready to shower and go to bed, I sincerely hope your weekend was as rewarding as mine. My God continue to bless each of us as we start a new week. Nite all...

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